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I Can Tell the Truth

Once upon, there was a king who likes to play very much. He always gave the business to prime minister in charge in order to take all the time to play and eat. One day he said he wanted to find a most beauty girl to be his wife. The prime minister privately said: "You see, even if I find a relatively ordinary woman to the king, he will say she is stunning just like that low quality replica watch I has given to him." The next day, he indeed found a relatively plain woman and took her to meet all the subjects and the king. He to say: "This woman is the most beautiful woman that your majesty need." All the subjects agreed. The king looked for a long time carefully, but he didn't think the women are pretty? So he asked the woman:” Where you think you're the most beautiful.” “My heart,” she said:” I can tell the truth. I’m not pretty at all and your swiss watch is just a swiss replica watch.” The king looked at his watch replica and smelled: “You are really pretty.”

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Which is the best way?

One class a professor asked their students to solve a problem. Now I had a mont blanc replica watch. The surface of the replica watch was broken. How could you fix it? If you can fix it, I would give you 100 dollars.
The Japanese student said,“I will find some materials to repair the watch. And it is a convenient way.”
The Chinese student said,“I will find a same surface to replace it. It is replica watch, so it’s easy to find a new one. ”
The German student said,“I will use the most advanced technology to fix the watch. And I promise it can be the same.
The American student said, “I will pay 50 dollars for colleting the way to solve the problem. Then I can find the best way to solve it.”
Ten years later, the professor found that the German student became an engineer, the Japanese and Chinese student became a common person. The American student became a CEO.
The professor was surprised about it. He thought the Chinese and Japanese student would be successful. Later he found that wisdom is very important during solving problems. Collecting most wisdom can help you to solve the problem perfectly. Nowadays the wisdom is much moer important. We need all the wisdom to solve the difficult problems.

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How to face gossip

Bingbing is a hard-studying girl. She often gets many prizes in some matches. Recently she is angry about a matter. Some girls talk scandal about her. It seems the teacher believes it. The teacher separates our seats.
“If I’m not the class commissary in charge of study, I will slap the gossip girl. ” bingbing said.
Bingbing’s parents are liuwei’s parents’ good friends. The watch bingbing wearing was from liuwei’s parents. His parents sent bingbing a Maurice Lacroix watch as a present. It is a luxury and special watch. Not everyone can buy it. Many have a Maurice Lacroix replica watch. what’s more, bingbing and liuwei are good friends, too. Bingbing treats liuwei as her brother. So bingbing is quite angry about the gossip girl. She effects their friendship. She really wants to slap her.
But the teacher stops her. And help her to solves the problem.
Bingbing writes a letter to liuwei. And she asks the gossip girl to send it to him. What’s more she let the gossip girl read the letter. Later the gossip girl understands their relationship. And she becomes a good friend of bingbing.

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Your Life is the Only Creation in Your Life

A craftsman was ready to retire. He told the boss to leave the watch industry, said with his wife and children, home enjoy family happiness.
The boss didn’t want his good worker to go and asked if he could help to make a last exact replica watch. Old craftsman agreed. But everybody known that he worked carelessly. The replica watch is unskilled. When it was done, the boss of key handed him.
"This is your watch," he said, "It’s my gift to you."
He was shocked and speechless, feeling extremely shamed. If he had only known he was making his own replica watch, how he will do? Now he had to wear this low quality watch replica!
We casually "make" our life without a positive action. We may always refuse to keep improving and can't try our best in the important moments. Regard you as the craftsman and think about your watch using your wisdom to make! Your life is the only creation in your life.

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Waiting For the Other Shoe

There was a man living an old building. He liked living here very much, because he could see landscape from the window. But there was a problem. The man lives up stairs. The man often came back from work late. He always throws one shoe on the floor while he got off with much noise. At that time, the man down stairs was trying to sleep. So the man down stairs was angry with the man up stairs. He looked at his replica watch for a while. The he decided to talk with the man up stairs. He went up stairs. He knocked at the door said with a smile would you please not do this the next day. The man up stairs came back late as usual. He felt very tired. He took off a shoe and dropped it on the floor. Suddenly, he remembered the man down stairs. He had a look at his exact replica watch. He quietly put it down the second shoe. While he was sleeping, he heard someone was knocking on the door. He opened door saw the man down stairs wearing a high quality replica watch. The man down stairs angrily:'' I was waiting for the sound of the other shoe.”

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